Continuing Professional Development Points

Attendance at the Anatomy of Complications Course earns participants 17 points in the Meeting Attendance  category for participants still using the paper-based program. Participants using the on-line program earn 17 points in the Clinical Expertise Domain.

Participants are encouraged to complete a Reflection Worksheet upon completion of the course. This allows Fellows to reflect on any aspect of the Workshop and alter an aspect of their practice. Completion of the entire worksheet attracts 7 PR&CRM/PAR points,  completion of Part A attracts 2 points.

The College and health care institutions are increasingly appreciating the value of clinical audits  in the practice of both institutions and  individual practitioners.  To this end, the use of programs that make the capture and analysis of information for audits easy and accurate are invaluable. Professor Andreas Obermair , a gynaecological oncologist from  Queensland (and Anatomy of Complications Workshop Facilitator), has developed one such program.  SurgicalPerformance  is web based surgical audit software which enables individual surgeons  to document their cases (in Gynaecology , Obstetrics and Colposcopy) and to access anonymous comparison reports for the purpose of benchmarking.  It also allows anonymous discussion in forums.

The RANZCOG is supportive of this program. For every 12 cases documented in SurgicalPerformance the College credits the participant with 1 point in the PR & CRM category.  In addition, this program can be used to capture data for other audits, as well as  being useful in the completion of the “Reflection Worksheet” after the completion of workshops such as the Anatomy of Complications Workshop.

The web address is