The workshop is conducted at two main locations on the University of Western Australia campus, in Perth, Western Australia. The campus is located in Crawley, a short 10 minute drive from the city centre.  The first day of the workshop is at CTEC and the last day at FAST:

Clinical Training & Education Centre (CTEC)

CTEC is housed at the Crawley Campus of the University of Western Australia. It is a purpose built facility for medical and surgical skills education and training. It is in the same building as the School of Anatomy and Human Biology. This proximity allows for a remarkable cross fertilization of ideas and educational models.

ctecThis facility houses the Hill International & Surgical Workshop, St John of God Interactive Seminar Room, The Centre for Anaesthesia Skills and Medical Simulation, RACS lecture theatre and meeting rooms, research laboratories and virtual reality simulation equipment. The overall CTEC mission statement is:  “To provide medical and surgical training and performance assessment in the promotion of the highest standards of healthcare at the state, national and international level.”

The first day of the Anatomy of Complications Workshop is held at CTEC. The Anatomy lecture is held in the St John of God Interactive Seminar room, adjacent to the Hill International Medical and Surgical Workshop. The Hill workshop is the venue for remainder of the morning Anatomy session including cadaver dissection and examination of prosected anatomical specimens. The afternoon session continues in the Hill Surgical Workshop using porcine material to assist in the learning of various surgical procedures as detailed in the program.

We are indebted to the excellent technical support which enables the Anatomy of Complications Workshop to reach its objectives.

Facility for Advanced Surgical Training (FAST)

The Anatomy of Complications Workshop live animal surgery session is held at the Centre for Advanced Surgical Training. This is a facility for the animate-based training of health care professionals in surgical, anaesthetic and medical skills.

FAST is located in the Large Animal Facility at The University of Western Australia, Crawley campus in Perth, also housing the WA Lotteries Commission Perinatal Research Laboratories, under the direction of Professor John P Newnham.

FAST is housed in the Large Animal Facility at The University of Western Australia.The Large Animal Facility is a state of the art animal facility designed to handle domestic animals under experimental conditions including sheep, goats, pigs and emus. Within this facility are two operating theatres designed for sterile surgery and a four bay operating theatre for non-recovery surgery. For our live animal surgery session, the AC Workshop usually utilises 10 anaesthetised ewes.

The Anatomy of Complications Workshop is responsible for providing the specialised surgical instruments required for pelvic, gastrointestinal, urological and vascular surgery. FAST provides operation scrub suits, boots, protective gowns, masks and goggles as required. Refreshment breaks during the session are provided.

The FAST technical support team:
Experienced personnel are available and present at all times to ensure best practice in caring for the animals, anaesthesia and the use of equipment. The Anatomy of Complications Workshop is indebted to the excellent technical support provided by the research staff at the Large Animal Facility.

The ethical responsibilities pertaining  to the surgical activities of the Anatomy of Complications Workshop are critically important and the responsibility is fully met by FAST. All procedures performed as part of a course held at FAST must have the full approval of the UWA Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee.