Laparoscopic ACW

Upcoming workshops:

06-07 April 2018
24-25 August 2018

This course is open to laparoscopic surgeons who currently operate at RANZCOG Level 4 and who have attended the standard (open) ACW previously. Although we will suggest tips and tricks around laparoscopic suturing and knot tying, this is not a basic skills workshop and this knowledge will be assumed. Rather, we wish to refresh your anatomical knowledge and to teach techniques for the safe identification of the structures of the pelvic sidewall, including the ureter, and techniques for the safe repair of the bladder and bowel.

There is a limit of twelve (12) participants per workshop, ensuring each participant receives maximum benefit from the practical and discussion components. The facilitator/participant ratio is pretty close to 1:1 to enable you to get the most from the training.

Each participant will receive 17 Meeting Points in the continuing professional development program of the RANZCOG. In addition, points in the Practice Review category can be obtained by completing a Practice Review worksheet related to the workshop. A further 5-10 points can be gained by a pre- or post- workshop audit. Further details can be obtained from the RANZCOG Continuing Education Co-ordinator,

The fee for the Laparoscopic Workshop is AUD 3740 (inc. GST)

Fees include: applicable taxes (GST), registration, workshop attendance, refreshments, the workshop dinner, plus access to an online portal containing  all course materials.

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