Live Animal Surgery


  • To demonstrate the pelvic anatomy in the ewe.
  • To confidently dissect the ureter and major pelvic vessels.
  • To repair injury to the bowel and bladder.
  • To practice the technique of internal iliac artery ligation.
  • To raise a colostomy
  • To repair vascular injuries using suture and overlay of autologous tissue (OAT) patch techniques
  • To be knowledgeable about these procedures and to understand their place in the management of intraoperative injury.

During this session a number of surgical procedures will be performed by all participants with the supervision of experienced facilitators.

These procedures are done in pairs and are listed below:

  • Identify pelvic organs
  • Dissect ureter (1 each)
  • Repair cystotomy (1 each)
  • Dissect vessels of pelvic side wall (1 side each)
  • Perform internal iliac artery ligation
  • Repair enterotomy ( 1 each)
  • Bowel resection (using large bowel) and anastomosis – one per pair
  • Raise ‘colostomy’ or ‘ileostomy’ – one per pair
  • Arteriotomy and Venotomy & repair – either one, 1 each
  • OAT patch – 1 each