Workshop sessions are conducted over two locations in Perth, Western Australia. The first is at The University of Western Australia (Crawley campus), a short 10 minute drive from the city centre. The other is Murdoch University in Perth’s southern suburbs. The first day of the workshop is at the Clinical Training & Evaluation Centre (CTEC) and the second day at the Centre for Advanced Veterinary Education (CAVE).

Clinical Training & Evaluation Centre (CTEC)

ctecCTEC is housed at the Crawley Campus of The University of Western Australia. It is a purpose-built facility for medical and surgical skills education and training.

This facility houses the Hill International & Surgical Workshop, St John of God Interactive Seminar Room, The Centre for Anaesthesia Skills and Medical Simulation, RACS lecture theatre and meeting rooms, research laboratories and virtual reality simulation equipment.

The first day of the Anatomy of Complications Workshop is held at CTEC in the Hill International & Surgical Workshop and adjacent seminar room.


Centre for Advanced Veterinary Education (CAVE)

CAVE is part of the College of Veterinary Medicine within the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences at Murdoch University. Opened in 2011 the veterinary surgery teaching facility  replaced the original surgery teaching rooms built in 1976. The facility features a large sterile surgery room including the latest technology enabling students to view live procedures, a surgical preparation area and facilities for animal anaesthesia.

The live animal surgery session on the morning of the second (and final) day of The Anatomy of Complications Workshop is held here. After lunch the case presentations and discussion session are held in nearby lecture theatre 2.008.