Surgical Skills


  • To demonstrate, practice and learn the various surgical skills which may be needed to deal with unexpected intraoperative injury to bowel, bladder or ureter.

This session lasts 4 hours and takes place in the Hill International Surgical Workshop at the Clinical Training & Education Centre (CTEC).

Participants work in pairs. After watching a demonstration of the surgical procedures to be learned (as seen on the workshop DVD), each participant then performs and assists at this procedure. We use porcine gut, bladder, ureter and aorta for this practical session.

Polysorb, Caprosyn, Biosyn, and Surgipro sutures are donated to the workshop by Medtronic (Covidien).

The following procedures are carried out by all the participants under supervision by facilitators:

  • Repair of enterotomy
  • Repair of cystotomy
  • Bowel anastomosis
  • Repair of divided ureter over JJ stent
  • Repair of aortic laceration